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Only exists in the minds of readers; Lee Chanhee, Manga Character


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Creating reality in fiction; Lee Byunghun, Mangaka (creator of mangas)


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Chanhee screamed as he saw that he hardly talked to anyone here. It’s been long since he’s back due to his hiatus but he does want to make friends again. Kindly reblog or like this post and perhaps follow him and help Chanhee to become a social butterfly once again. 

Love and messages to those who do their part and stop Lee Chanhee’s noise pollution.

Para/Action-friendly. Once a friend, always a friend.

如果有天 我不見了 你回頭找不到我 你會著急嗎?

What if one day i disappeared?

And you turn back and can’t find me.

Will you worry about me?


From ljoe twitter 


사진 깜빡했다…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translate : [TRANS L.Joe ] I forgot about the photo… Kekekeke

*Translate credits to oursupaluv


2013.05.23 [Real 100%] COMING SOON! Photo Teaser

우리가 지내온 시간이 모두 하늘에 기억이될까?
Will the skies remember all of our times together?

먼 훗날 저버린 우리는 또 다른 인연이 또 생길까?
In the days far ahead, will we have different fates?

we all have our scars
from loving someone too deeply,
to wanting to protect someone too much. —好きっていいなよ (via yumoirs)
L.Joe, with Dong & Kan.